A History of the Central Ohio Alumni Association


The First COAA

The COAA was first chartered on June 24, 2005. It existed primarily to allow members to continue the experience of Phi Mu Alpha beyond the collegiate setting, and to serve as a social connection for alumni Sinfonians in the area. While the Association served its purpose at the time, within a few years, it had ceased operations.


Rechartering The Association

In 2010, Sam Selvage contacted a group of interested alumni in Central Ohio to gauge interest in revitalizing the Association. Over the next year, that group worked to reevaluate its mission and goals, and successfully petitioned the National Executive Committee for re-chartering. The Central Ohio Alumni Association was officially re-chartered on November 1, 2010.

In its second iteration, the COAA is focused on providing assistance to the collegiate chapters of Central Ohio, supporting local musical organizations in Columbus and the surrounding area, and establishing fellowship opportunities for alumni and honorary Sinfonians.


Moving Forward

Today, the COAA continues with the mission it established in 2010. We have found multiple opportunities to assist collegiate brothers as well as the Province, multiple local musical groups count on us for support, and our membership has represented chapters stretching from Missouri to North Carolina.

Please join us at our next event, and see for yourself what one of the most active Alumni Associations is doing!