Membership and Donations

Membership in the Central Ohio Alumni Association is open to all alumni and honorary Sinfonians. In fact, if you are in the Central Ohio area, you are already considered a member of the COAA!

We have two classes of membership:

  • Nonvoting Members
    Any alumni or honorary Sinfonian is welcome to attend any COAA event, meeting, or social function. You can participate in discussions, volunteer for service opportunities, and enjoy nearly everything that the COAA has to offer!

  • Voting Members
    By paying voluntary dues to the COAA, you will become eligible to vote in meetings and elections, and be eligible to hold office. You will also be helping to support, through your dues, the success of the association. Dues are collected yearly at our Annual Meeting, and there is a discount for Life Loyal Sinfonians.

To join, feel free to contact us any time or simply attend one of our meetings!

The COAA is always working to provide support for our Central Ohio collegiate chapters and local musical organizations, and 100% your donation will go toward that cause.

In the years since its chartering, the Central Ohio Alumni Association has provided financial or in-kind consideration to:

  • Dublin Community Bands

  • Grove City Community Winds

  • Sinfonia Educational Foundation

  • Province III

  • Collegiate scholarships

We welcome your support, both financial and through our volunteer opportunities! If you wish, you may make a donation online.